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Together with the construction sector as aggressive as ever, all Companies are seeking to put on a step ahead of the competition. Often overlooked, many businesses may gain from incorporating their list to internet business directories. There is an infinite number of kinds of company directories, many of which can be segmented by class, place or support. Searching and locating online directories is straightforward, and incorporating your company to this list can be carried out in moments. This report goes over some of the advantages of business list directories, also explains why the several benefits this useful tool supplies.  Boost Web TrafficAdding an URL into a company directory Is Only Going to help to increase Traffic to your site. Company directories supply companies with increased exposure to potential clients and markets you might find difficulty targeting. Moreover, those seeing directories are generally searching for a construction firm and using a list pre…
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How To Fix AMP Validation Errors In 2 Easy Steps

Don't Give Up Hope - There Is An Answer! Have You Experienced:
HTML Errors Your AMP validation error points to the fact that your html is incorrectly configured. Google Analytics Your Google Analytics code is in Javascript which is not allowed in AMP No Loading Sometimes the AMP version of your site just won't work! Poor Design The AMP won't fit the page, or, it just looks terrible "Don't Give Up, I've Been Through The Same Problems...Here's What I Learnt"

SEO - What Is It?

This article appeared here first. When it comes to being relevant on the web, companies and individuals spend large amounts of time fretting about Search Engine Optimisation. However, when it comes to SEO – what is it?

What it is not, or at least what it should not be When it comes to SEO, Wikipedia describes it as “the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users; these visitors can then be converted into customers”
Note, that in it’s definition, Wikipedia highlights that it ‘natural, organic, or earned results’. This, then excludes the relevance of ‘black hat seo‘. So, it should be organic results, and not farmed results. But why is that importan…

Content is King

Content is King – The Origins of the Principle It is very true that prior to the arrival of the internet, content was still king. Take for instance, the millions of literary works that have been published over many hundreds of years. We recall the works of Shakespeare, Tolstoy and all very readily, for one simple reason, Content. However, when the internet arrived, a sudden spawn of web information arrived, some of which contained quality content, others, not so much. How did the ‘content is king‘ principle begin to impact the net?
The Role of Bill Gates Bill Gates, one of the most iconic figures of the internet, had much to do with what Google now treasures so much, the content is king principle. Way back in 1996, Mr Gates released an essay entitled, appropriately enough…”Content is King”. In this essay, Gates really proposed a foundation that has now become a reality. Consider a quote:
“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as…

2 Things To Learn From The August Google Update

What Google Update? Just this month, Google issued another core update. Depending on the type of business your website promotes, the update will either impact you positively, negatively, or not at all. So, what are the 2 things to learn from the August Google Update?
First Thing – Same Old, Same Old The first thing, and we have to admit that Google doesn’t exactly spell out the finest details, is that content is still king! If the content is not quality, and this appears to have been refined, then your ranking and traffic will likely have gone down. That is the first of the 2 things to learn from the August Google Update. So, if you have experienced a decrease in your traffic, check the quality of your content, and try to improve it.

Second Thing – Trust It’s always been a good thing to develop trust. However, this appears to have become much more of an issue with the latest of the 2 things to learn from the August Google update. For instance, if your author profile on yo…

Arsenal v Man City - 3 Turns To Watch For

What Are The 3 Turns?

Arsenal v Man City – 3 Turns PossibleAugust 12, 2018GunnernetUncategorized0 When it comes to Arsenal v Man City tonight, there is likely to be a game that will revolve around 3 different directions, but only one result.
Arsenal v Man City – Turn 1 It will be no surprise for our readers to know that the pundits overwhelmingly predict a win for Man City. After all, they disposed of a new look Chelsea, under the expert oversight of Sarri, so why shouldn’t they do the same to Arsenal? Statistically, this call is 100% correct. However, another turn has emerged.
Arsenal v Man City – Turn 2 In what appears to be the direction of the result moving in another direction, Emery recently described Man City as a bigger team, with, a bigger manager. Was this an effort at humility by the new Arsenal gaffer? Not likely, it appears that Emery, in trying to force a result, is attempting to take the pressure off Arsenal. After all, no shame in losing to a superior team, r…

Transfer Day Deadline in the EPL

Transfer Day Deadline - What Will Arsenal Do?
Transfer Day DeadlineAugust 9, 2018GunnernetUncategorized0 On Transfer Day Deadline – What Will Arsenal Do? With the end of the transfer window upon us, let’s look at what is rumored to be going on at Arsenal, and what may actually happen? Transfer Day Deadline – The Rumors So, if you follow any of the ‘blogs’, you will have heard that Ousmane Dembele is almost certainly joining Arsenal, along with Croatian defender, Domagoj Vida. These represent the most talked about additions to the squad. On the departure side, we have already seen Chambers go out, but it is rumored that Welbeck, Ospina and Mustafi? will follow. So, let us look at the probabilities more closely:
Ousmane Dembele – The Barca man, having not exactly set the world alight in his first, injury plagued season, was initially rumored to be joining Arsenal for around 100 million. This story has now morphed into a loan move to Arsenal for 10 million, with an option to buy.…