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Sydney Dental Hospital

 Sydney Dental Hospital


2 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010


Official Website:



 Contact Details:

Phone: (02) 9293 3488 



About Sydney Dental Hospital


As a Surry Hills window cleaner, I pass the hospital each day. But this hospital has meant more than that to me. It is where my children have their major dental work done, why?


The Dental Hospital, located in Surry Hills, a suburb located just south of Sydney City CBD, is one of the best options for cheap..and even FREE* dental care. This is perfect for those who find dental costs to be budget busting.


One of the considerations that we have found is though, that, the hospital will offer a limited number of appointments for those who are not able to pay more. Despite this, the Dental Hospital has, we found, very friendly Nurses and Doctors, although one or two of the reception staff seem to let the pressure get to them more than would be ideal. Because of this variety in service that you will receive there, the reviews online for the Hospital vary tremendously. It all depends on who you get when you arrive.


Parking for Sydney Dental Hospital is an area where you will need to be creative. Just across the road from the Hospital, ticketed parking is available, and, if you are fortunate, you will get a one or two hour free parking slot on some of the back roads which are less than five minutes walk to the hospital. However, if you decide that waiting and being seen by the Hospital will take longer than a couple of hours, there is a light rail that pretty much stops right outside the Hospital...this is my recommended choice when you travel there. The light rail will take you all the way to Kingsford, and is both inexpensive, and regular as a service.


History Of The Hospital


As with most establishments, Sydney Dental Hospital has undergone many changes over the years. For instance, the Hospital, which was found in 1905 under the Dental Hospital Union Act of 1904, was originally located in George Street, a not insurmountable distance away. However, just seven years later, the Government provided the funding for the present building to be being completed in 1912.


The Hospital became available for the 'impoverished' somewhat later, in 1940 'for the dual purpose of providing modern and efficient treatment for the impoverished as well as a functional training ground for dental students at the University of Sydney'


Having served the community for over 110 years, Sydney Dental Hospital is more than just an affordable place for Dental Care, it is a Sydney iconic institution. So, when you need Dental Care in Sydney, look for the 'Wedge-Shaped' building on Chalmers and Elizabeth Streets in South Sydney.




RATING 4/5.....Great Job, Generally Good Natured Staff





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